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Machine Learning and VPNs

Machine Learning and VPNs

Today, with rampant hacking and data theft on the rise, VPNs are simply indispensable. In the corporate sector, digital protection solutions were lagging behind for quite a while. Now, it is fair to say that machine learning is transforming corporate VPN security at a rapid pace.

Machine learning, which is a basic element of AI, is vital for digital protection, and this importance is growing with each passing day. Companies that adopt the latest solutions will gain significant benefits in terms of data protection. For a review of VPN programs available today, click here . Data stored on corporate computers and devices requires multi-layer protection, and virtual private networks are a must for any security-conscious corporation.

Available research

In 2017, The Journal of Cyber Security Technology published a study “Comparison of machine-learning algorithms for classification of VPN network traffic flow using time-related features.” The research contained an analysis of algorithms used in machine learning by several VPNs and the benefits seen. The authors concluded that machine learning contributed to the impressive percentage of accuracy achieved (90%).

How does corporate VPN work?

Information shared over the internet may be accessed by all types of cybercriminals unless your connection is properly safeguarded. They may track your online activity using your IP address, and obtain data through direct interference. There are many types of such attacks, such as man-in-the-middle, but most are successfully prevented by VPN services.

A virtual private network, as the name suggests, renders the connection private and encrypted. It thus becomes impenetrable for third parties, and you can be sure nothing gets leaked. To complete the protection package, get a reliable anti-virus for all connected devices. Make sure that your financial figures and corporate secrets are properly secured.

VPNs have numerous other uses – for instance, read about applications of VPN in marketing , where it is vital for research of foreign markets. Not only will you access local google queries and ratings, but you may also do research on sites of your competitors privately. However, the benefits of corporate cybersecurity are the most prominent ones.


Sadly, the rise of machine learning has had its downsides. The tools have been essentially weaponized by governments that try to stifle privacy rights. China, for example, has implemented its own machine learning technology with the goal of spotting and blocking VPN encryption. All internet users must maintain their Internet privacy rights. Such facts highlight the urgent need to create improved machine learning technologies for the sake of protecting them.

Today, when cybersecurity is constantly evolving along with the overall technological development, it is essential to keep an eye on the latest changes and adopt the best solutions, especially in business, where unauthorized use of corporate data may result in enormous financial losses. Therefore, any enhancements brought about by machine learning have vital importance for the safety of sensitive business information.


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