How Artificial Intelligence and IoT Make a Perfect Pair

How Artificial Intelligence and IoT Make a Perfect Pair

With artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) applications becoming more widespread, it is necessary for individuals and businesses to understand how these two technologies work in tandem.

IoT devices generate a large amount of data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used in analyzing and tracking this data. Combining AI with IoT in such a way can create ‘smart devices’ that can make well-informed decisions without human intervention.

Current AI and IoT Use Cases

AI and IoT provide various uses in many sectors. Following are some examples where AI and IoT work together:

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Mulitple advanced technologies are reshaping the automotive industry. Companies like Tesla have already benefited from incorporating AI in their autonomous cars. These cars are connected to each other on a network. When one car ‘learns’ something, all the other cars learn it too. A complex network of AI and ML algorithms analyze the data generated by thousands of these connected cars. As these devices learn more, they can analyze situations better and take decisions without relying on humans. AI and IoT can thus provide a better, safer driving experience and completely change the way we commute.

Smart Thermostats

An AI-enabled smart thermostat can eliminate the need for human intervention for adjusting room temperatures. Using AI and ML, these devices can learn about a user’s preferences and adjust the temperature accordingly. AI can also help maintain the room temperature by adjusting the temperature according to the ambient conditions. This eliminates the need for human intervention and helps provide ease-of-use and reduction of energy use. Saving energy can be impactful for large enterprises and help in cutting costs.

Smart Health devices

Wearable devices that track our health are already a reality. Major companies like Apple have already introduced health tracking devices. These devices have become so advanced that even a sophisticated process like taking an ECG scan has become easily accessible to the common man without them having to go to the hospital. These devices can share the result with the doctor in real-time. If the doctor notices any abnormality, he can schedule further tests and diagnose the condition quickly. AI and ML technologies combined with IoT devices have made it possible for patients to be connected with a healthcare representative 24×7.

Smart Security Devices

Many companies are already furthering the use of key fob technologies at their workplace. Artificial intelligence could be used to determine an employee’s regular access patterns. It can provide insights for detecting suspicious activity. Although the use of IoT security devices can be a risky affair, with stringent security measures, smart security devices can prove to be one of the best security options.

It is evident that AI can work hand-in-hand with IoT devices. IoT devices incorporating AI can help to create new markets, business models, and disrupt the overall market landscape. Businesses can make the most of the opportunities that these advanced technological devices bring to impact their revenue and customer experience positively.


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