8 Quirky Ways Companies & People Are Using AI In 2019

8 Quirky Ways Companies & People Are Using AI In 2019

Artificial Intelligence is overhauling every aspect of our everyday life and has made our lives easier than earlier. At present, almost all the business verticals are being transformed by AI. However, the advance of AI has also been accompanied by a bunch of several quirky use cases. In this article, we list down 8 such quirky use cases that have invaded our everyday lives.

Ara is an AI designed toothbrush by Kolibree. The researchers at Kolibree embedded deep learning algorithms on a low-power processor within the toothbrush. With this toothbrush, a user can monitor progress duration, frequency, etc. which shows in a dashboard of the Kolibree smart app. It also shows an overview of the brushed areas for each brushing including the missed spots.

IntelligentX utilises AI for brewing beer. The creators stated that the beers are the world’s first beer which uses AI and ML to create as well as adjust the taste of it. Currently, it has four different varieties, Amber AI, Golden AI, Pale AI, and Black AI. Not just brewing, with the help of the feedback the algorithm learns to interpret and personalise a new recipe.

AI Duet is an intelligent piano that replies notes back when you play some notes on the piano. The piano includes the capabilities of neural networks from Google’s open-source Magenta project. The neural network is fed with tons of melodies and overtime it learns certain fuzzy relationships between nodes and timings and built its own map based on the data which is fed. So, whenever someone plays a note, the neural net algorithm responds based on the notes as well as training data.

Beauty AI is an intelligent platform which is designed with the perception of human beauty.  A team of biogerontologists and data scientists built this machine learning algorithm to get vital information of a human body. All a user needs to do is take a selfie and robots will look into human pictures and compare them with various features such as wrinkles, symmetry, etc..

Artificial Intelligence has left no domain untouched. A London football team, Wingate & Finchley has appointed an AI coach in order to select the form and tactics of the team. The AI coach works as a manager for the team.

Last year, we all heard the news about an AI-built news anchor in China. Sogou, a search engine company in China created a digitally synthesized anchor. The researchers used the AI system to create an image-like facial feature with an animated body to copy expressions, voices, etc.

In Nov 2018, Symrise, a prominent manufacturer of fragrances and flavourings collaborated with tech giant IBM to examine how AI can be applied in creating fragrances. They were successful in creating the project, Philyra, an AI model which uses AI developed by IBM, helps the company in fragrance making. The company has already created AI-based perfumes and will be creating more in the future.

Eijiro Miyako, a researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, has designed an insect-sized drone which is capable of artificial pollination. The drones are coated with a patch of horse-hair bristles and a liquid gel and will collect and transfer pollen from one plant to another. 


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