Training Data for Satellite Imagery

AI and machine learning models looking for Satellite imagery datasetcan find the right solution at Anolytics with high-quality image annotation services. The training data set for drones and other autonomous flying objects used to monitor various things from the sky. The images taken from satellites or autonomous flying planes are annotated to train such models detect object from the heights.    

Image annotation for satellite images is available for all types of techniques to detect or recognize the different types of objects from observed from the aerial view. Different types of image annotation techniques are used to annotate the different satellite images with right accuracy.   

Annotations for Satellite Imagery:  

  • 2D Aerial View Imagery Mapping
  • Objects Localization with 2D Polygon
  • Drone Based Aerial View Monitoring
  • Satellite View for Ariel Field Mapping
  • City Layout Plan & Urban Management
  • Aerial View Mapping of Urban Houses

Anolytics provides the image annotation services to produce the training data sets for the AI models looking for annotated satellite images for the machine learning algorithms. All types of images taken from the satellite or space heights can be annotated to recognize the manmade structures like houses, huts and buildings for urban management and smart city layout and planning management.

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