Training Data for AI and Machine Learning in Agriculture & Farming

AI in Agriculture with high-quality training data is important to make the model successful and accurate. Anolytics provides the training data sets to train and develop the machine learning and AI based model for agricultural and farming sector. Robotics, drones and computer vision based autonomous machine need the annotated data for algorithms required to train such AI models.

Training data for robotics in agriculture helps the algorithms detect or recognize the plants, crops or fruits including unwanted plants to take right decision like harvesting, spraying pesticides, crop health monitoring and removing the unwanted crops from the filed eating the minerals of main crops. Anolytics provides high-quality training data for robots for deep learning in agriculture and farming.

AI drones or autonomous flying objects also need huge amount of training data to detect the crops, plants, fruits and vegetables in the agricultural and farming. Drone can detect and recognize the various objects through computer vision and these autonomous flying machines are used in monitoring the crops of the Ariel view to check the health of the crops and soil condition

Training data for AI in livestock management in agriculture and farming. The animal husbandry, especially, cow, buffalo and sheep are monitoring through AI in drones. Anolytics provides the annotated data of such animals with precision to make them recognizable through machine learning and AI. It can produce huge quantity of training data sets for livestock management.        

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