How Top Image Annotation Companies are providing service at Lowest Price?

Image annotation is an art of making the diverse range of objects detectable and recognizable to machines through computer vision technology. And to perform this crucial task, a specialized tool or software and technical skill is required, so that images can be annotated precisely.

The Cost or Image Annotation Price

Actually, due to specialized technical skills and advance software, the cost of image annotation becomes high. To perform the each annotation tasks, it takes time and concentration to ensure the quality and accuracy in each project. And to create such huge amount of annotated images, lots of time and experienced and that is possible with knowledgeable team of annotators.

Hence, calculating the cost of image annotation would be difficult, as it also depends the type of annotation technique used to annotate such images and machine learning model needs. As every ML project has its own demand and compatibility to use the training data sets. The cost or image annotating would anything between $0.025 to $10.00 per image depending on the types of annotation.

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Top Image Annotation Companies

If you hire the top most image annotation company, you will definitely need to pay comparatively higher amount to get the annotated images as a training data for machine learning. But if you go with one of the top companies also in the same filed, and can you give the same quality of training data set at lower price, then it would be better option to go with these companies and get low cost training data sets.

How Top Companies Provide Image Annotation at Lower Cost?

If you get annotated images for your machine learning project from top most companies, they will have the highly paid annotators, and their cost on offices and other infrastructural facilities would be also higher compare to runner-up companies, that can do such job in lower cost environment. Hence, you should fulfill your image annotation tasks with these companies to optimize your AI model cost.

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These companies, operate with low annotating cost due to low employee and other cost. And these companies will also provide the better service with high-quality of training data sets at highest accuracy. Anolytics, is one the emerging companies providing the high-quality image annotation services with lowest hourly rates while ensuring the quality and privacy of your data sets.

How to Find Best Image Annotation Companies?

Anolytics works with team of well-trained and experienced annotators, to annotate the images with extra care and precautions. And these annotators can produce the huge amount of training data sets at lowest hourly rates, as they use the best image annotation tool for higher efficiency. And owing to availability of employees in such regions, the pay scale of such annotators are comparatively lower, that also provides image annotation companies to annotate the images at lower cost.

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