How Semantic Segmentation & Landmark Annotation Improves Facial Recognition?

This is a blog post by Anolytics explaining about how semantic segmentation and landmarking annotation helps to improve the face recognition system. The entire blog post discuss about the use and application of semantic segmentation and landmarking annotation in improving the face recognition system using the training data sets created through these image annotation techniques.

Landmark Annotation for Facial Attributes Detection

How landmark annotation detect the facial attributes and helps AI model to detect faces, human gestures and various expressions with best level of accuracy. Anolytics provides the landmarking image annotation service to annotate the human images and provide the high quality training data for AI.   

Semantic Segmentation Annotation for Facial Recognition

Similarly, how semantic segmentation image annotation technique is used to make the human faces recognizable with highest accuracy. How semantic segmentation is used for face recognition and detect various other gestures. Anolytics provide the sematic segmentation image annotation technique for face recognition and various other AI models to recognize the objects with more accuracy.      

High-quality Image Annotation Service for Facial Recognition

 For accurate facial recognition and human face expression detection, Anolytics offers the best image annotation service to annotate the image of human faces with best level of accuracy. It can annotate the images in bulk for AI security cameras and smartphones or other AI based visual perception models. Working with team of well-trained and highly-skilled annotators, Anolytics is one of the leading data annotation service provider with expertise in image annotation services for various AI models.  

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