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Data Science Hackathon: Win Prizes By Using Machine Learning To Predict Value Of Used Cars

Data Science Hackathon: Win Prizes By Using Machine Learning To Predict Value Of Used Cars

The used car market in India is around Rs 1 lakh crore. This is half the size of the new car market. This itself tells you how much interest the used car market has in India. We all have different tastes when it comes to owning a car or at least when thinking of buying one. Data science and machine learning can give major hints to solve these kind of problems.

The one major factor that holds anyone back while buying a used car is the price. Analytics India Magazine in partnership with Imarticus Learning is hosting a hackathon on the MachineHack platform with this problem statement. They bring you a hackathon where you will be predicting the prices of used cars across the country. Whether it is a royal luxury sedan or a budget utility vehicle, everything can be bought in the used car market. In this hackathon , you will be predicting the costs of used cars with the data collected from various sources and distributed across various locations in India. About The Dataset

This hackathon problem will let you showcase your data science skills by predicting the price of a used car based on a given set of features. The training set size is [6,019] records and the size of the test set [is] 1,234 records. Following features are given to you to make the prediction:

Name: The brand and model of the car.

Location: The location in which the car is being sold or is available for purchase.

Year: The year or edition of the model.

Kilometers_Driven: The total kilometres driven in the car by the previous owner(s) in KM.

Fuel_Type: The type of fuel used by the car.

Transmission: The type of transmission used by the car.

Owner_Type: Whether the ownership is Firsthand, Second hand or other.

Mileage: The standard mileage offered by the car company in kmpl or km/kg

Engine: The displacement volume of the engine in cc.

Power: The maximum power of the engine in bhp.

Seats: The number of seats in the car.

New_Price: The price of a new car of the same model.

Price: The price of the used car in INR Lakhs .

MachineHack as a platform is dedicated to bringing out the best in our growing data science community. The data is gathered from credible sources and we welcome all the young data scientists out there to play with the data till you become good at it. Challenge yourself with this hackathon, get rated for your displays and win exciting prizes. About Imarticus

Imarticus Learning is India’s leading financial services and analytics professional education company. The company assists individuals and large organizations in meeting their human capital and skillset requirements through a range of bespoke programmes delivered through both online and classroom learning.

Imarticus has educated 30,000+ individuals globally, managed by fully-integrated online learning management and governance system. Imarticus has also emerged as the preferred skill development partner for 200+ firms, which include leading global & domestic banks, consulting, technology and analytics firms. Imarticus has won many accolades, including Excellence Awards, Leading Institute in India and is also a partner to NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). Visit Imarticus Learning here . Prizes

The top 3 contestants to end up on the leaderboard will get exciting discounts on one of the top two courses offered by IMARTICUS. The discounts are as follows:

100% scholarship for Winner of the Hackathon

50% discount for 1st runner up

25% discount for 2nd runner up

The winners can choose from any of the following courses:

Data Science Prodegree:

Machine Learning Prodegree:

NOTE : The winners can only opt for any 1 of the 2 online courses listed above. Related Stories

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