Artificial Intelligence Full Course for Beginners | Edureka

Following topics are covered in this video:

02:27 History Of AI

06:45 Demand For AI

08:46 What Is Artificial Intelligence?

09:50 AI Applications

16:49 Types Of AI

20:24 Programming Languages For AI

27:12 Introduction To Machine Learning

28:08 Need For Machine Learning

31:48 What Is Machine Learning?

34:13 Machine Learning Definitions

37:26 Machine Learning Process

49:13 Types Of Machine Learning

49:21 Supervised Learning

52:00 Unsupervised Learning

53:44 Reinforcement Learning

55:29 Supervised vs Unsupervised vs Reinforcement Learning

58:23 Types Of Problems Solved Using Machine Learning

1:04:49 Supervised Learning Algorithms

1:05:17 Linear Regression

1:11:20 Linear Regression Demo

1:26:36 Logistic Regression

1:35:36 Decision Tree

1:55:18 Random Forest

2:07:31 Naive Bayes

2:14:37 K Nearest Neighbour (KNN)

2:20:31 Support Vector Machine (SVM)

2:26:40 Demo (Classification Algorithms)

2:42:36 Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

2:42:45 K-means Clustering

2:50:49 Demo (Unsupervised Learning)

2:56:40 Reinforcement Learning

3:24:36 Demo (Reinforcement Learning)

3:31:41 AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

3:33:08 Limitations Of Machine Learning

3:36:32 Introduction To Deep Learning

3:38:36 How Deep Learning Works?

3:40:48 What Is Deep Learning?

3:41:50 Deep Learning Use Case

3:43:14 Single Layer Perceptron

3:50:56 Multi Layer Perceptron (ANN)

3:52:55 Backpropagation

3:54:39 Training A Neural Network

4:01:02 Limitations Of Feed Forward Network

4:03:18 Recurrent Neural Networks

4:05:36 Convolutional Neural Networks

4:09:00 Demo (Deep Learning)

4:29:02 Natural Language Processing

4:30:53 What Is Text Mining?

4:32:43 What Is NLP?

4:33:26 Applications Of NLP

4:35:53 Terminologies In NLP

4:41:19 NLP Demo

4:47:21 Machine Learning Masters Program

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