AI in News Media

AI in media industry is helping through multiple technologies like NLP, Visual Search, Text annotation and Entity recognition making the various tasks automated or easy to perform with better accuracy and efficiency. AI in news media is possible when a model is well-trained with right training data sets created for machine learning algorithms to develop an AI application for media industry.

Cogito is expert in image annotation services to provide the training data for media, news and entertainment industry. It can annotate images for face recognition, visual search, brand recognition, NLP annotation for fake news detection, NER annotation for entity extraction and text annotate for sentiment analysis through social media and other source of media.

It has dedicated to team to annotate the images for different types of AI models. For AI in media and entertainment industry, it has well-trained annotators to label such object of interest for machine learning models developed for media sector. Cogito ensure the annotation quality and timely delivery of projects to make sure the AI model built with right training data for accurate outputs.

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