AI disruption in e-commerce – David Drollette (Wayfair)

The confluence of a data rich environment and smarter/powerful computing techniques has made AI disruption in e-commerce a natural consequence. Machine learning techniques have made a significant change to the way we shop online – Chat bot assistants guiding our choices in real time, AR systems that help us visualize how a dress or couch looks realtime in our surroundings, NLP techniques that help surface the most relevant products from a near infinite shelf-space from a keyword search- the list is long and continues to grow.

In this talk we will discuss some of these innovations in the form of a case study from Wayfair’s experience in investing in technology that created the visual search feature, that now continues to spawn multiple areas of product development. We will also touch upon various ways we use the promise of AI in fundamentally changing the way consumers shop for home furnishings.

David Drollette leads the analytics group at Wayfair, which includes the business intelligence and data science functions.  He served as a founding member of the Wayfair data science team, helping to bring machine learning to bear more broadly across the enterprise.  David has been with Wayfair for 11.5 years and held various roles in finance before transitioning to analytics. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics from Ithaca College.

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