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A diploma in Machine Learning & AI can boost your career: Here’s how

A diploma in Machine Learning & AI can boost your career: Here’s how

For Tejas Wagh, the decision to learn machine learning was a major milestone in this professional career. Wagh, who enrolled for a PG diploma in Machine Learning & AI while he was still a fresher, got an internship opportunity at Ola, and in two months, he transitioned into a full time role of a Data Analyst. Machine Learning, along with Data science, Big Data engineering, and a few other AI programs are the hottest courses that working professionals all over the world are taking up to upskill and reskill themselves. In Wagh’s case as well, learning ML helped him make the career transition that he had been long aspiring for.

He says, “I got an offer from Ola that was 100% more than industry standards and there is no doubt that my ML diploma helped me scale the success ladder. I think it is very important to learn these courses at meritorious places, and in my case, I am glad to have chosen online learning platform upGrad . The upGrad program stands apart from all other ML courses in the market and I am particularly thankful to the careers team for the guidance they provided to convert the internship into a full time opportunity.”

And it is not just Tejas who benefitted by reskilling himself with upGrad. Aiswarya Ramachandram, another upGrad learner, who pursued PG Diploma in Data Science and PG Diploma in Machine Learning & AI with upGrad and IIIT Bangalore, made two career transitions in one year and has received a whooping 230% salary hike in a span of just 18 months. She says, “upGrad + IIIT Bangalore has completely bowled me over with their content, assignments, case studies and live sessions. The content covered by this course is detailed and highly structured.

It is then followed by graded questions and assignments, reinforcing the concepts learnt. upGrad also provides placement opportunities and takes interest right from enabling you to create a good resume to allowing one on one session with mentors from the industry to help you improve your resume and explain better about the opportunities that are available.” The PG Diploma Program in Machine learning and AI, ranked number one by AIM in 2018, now sees 1500+ enrolments with a 50% bump in the last quarter. What makes upGrad the learner’s choice?

With 650+ career transitions and counting, there’s no confusion over why most people looking to upskill or reskill are heading to upGrad. Understanding the immense potential of data, upGrad, one of the largest Online Education companies in India has come up with a combination of AI and Machine Learning courses that are work-horsing to bridge the skill gap that often remains between employees and industry data requirements. upGrad’s Machine Learning and AI program provides an opportunity to advance one’s professional journey through personalized support and the best in-class faculty and industry professionals. The program provides 1-1 Mentorship and 360 degree career support that includes resume building and mock interviews. upGrad has been extremely successful in building credibility of data skills among a huge talent pool and has enabled career transitions with an average salary hike of 47% into companies like Cerner, Uber, Big basket, among others.

The need to upskill and reskill

The trends in the job market are forever in a flux and to keep up with the changing demands upskilling has become a force to reckon with. This is the reason why it has become the new social norm where education does not stop after college and is a continuous process. Research reveals that an average professional switches 8 job roles through his or her career span, which stems from the fact that technology and job markets are constantly evolving. The most remarkable observation, however, is the rising importance of automation and data in creating newer job roles. In a very interesting revelation of sorts, it is estimated that Machine Learning and AI alone have at least 1.4 million open jobs at the moment.

This means that young professionals need to upskill themselves to become a part of this data revolution. A LinkedIn report also suggests that job growth in the next decade is expected to outstrip growth during the previous decade, creating 11.5M jobs by 2026! This means that the best way to stay prominent in the time of massive disruption is by learning what’s in demand. Thus, employee upskilling is the only way how companies can meet the ever escalating data demands. People from diverse age groups and backgrounds have made successful transitions. Even professionals with over 20+ years of work experience have been able to successfully switch roles, busting the myth that one cannot transition at a later stage in their career.

With upGrad’s cutting edge curriculum, 100% career assistance, mentoring support, smart pedagogy and immersive learning experience, becoming market ready is extremely easy. As industries hunt for smart professionals who can transform cutting edge technology into actionable insights, upGrad unlocks the doors of opportunity for a lot of learners. It is a gold rush for AI and Machine Learning jobs all across the world and training yourself in Machine Learning and AI is the best way to give your professional journey a leg up. These courses are helping working professionals stay market competitive by preparing them for the journey ahead. If you are looking to gain the right skills for the best career transition, click here to learn more about upGrad’s unique online programs .

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